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InstaVid is a
video greeting card,
delivered in minutes!
Brought to you by PSAR

Send a message about business or life... with great music.
Give your clients or friends a smile!

Features and Bennefits

What is Insta Vid and who can use it...

InstaVid is easy!

InstaVid is the world’s easiest way to assemble virtually
unlimited photos & videos from your phone or desk-top.
With over 400 commercially licensed music choices, you
quickly craft one seamless video, with pre-made openings
& closing videos, in 3 minutes.

InstaVid is Simple!

Choose your “life” category
Your sub category
Your “Opening”
Your music & volume
Your “Closing”
Name your video
Import video(s) & photo(s)

Text Your Video

Text your personalized video to all your friends or customers.


Instantly post your video on your website, emails or Face Book!

It’s easy!

InstaVid is

Send a message about life…with great music.
Give your clients or friends a smile!

Sample and Examples

get some ideas how to best use of the system

You will be the instant creator

unlimited number of ways to express and create your video messages

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View your creation in seconds!

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